View Full Version : Should I Get a 4x5 S. Graphic for 6x7 ?

George Nedleman
21-Oct-1998, 13:25
I have a TLR Rollie B22/El Nikor Arista Cold Lt. I want more Flexibility and Len s changeability. What I'd like to do is buy a Super S. Graphic with 65/135/210 l enses;a D-2 or 4x5 Besler & add a Cold Lt. Maybe way down the road I'd go 4x5. M ain use landscape. Suggestions???

John Lehman
21-Oct-1998, 15:16
The 135mm lens does not have enough coverage for movements when you use 4x5 rather than 6x7; it would be best to try to find a 152 Ektar instead. The Graphic-1000 shutters on some 135 and 270 lenses are prone to failure and almost impossible to repair; more conventional shutters (even without the special electrical connections) are more reliable. Otherwise, I find my Supergraphic an almost perfect landscape camera; I use 4x5 in B&W and 6x7 for color.

Ron Shaw
21-Oct-1998, 15:49
George didnt say he was using Graphic shutters or lenses. Any reasonably modern 135mm should have plenty of coverage. The Super should be just fine for your needs.

sheldon hambrick
21-Oct-1998, 18:59
You will not have fine focus with the 65mm (with out a recessed board) because the lens standard must be parked inside the body for infinity focus (as you know there are no moving focus rails inside the body).

Tony Brent
31-Oct-1998, 21:56
If you want to use the rangefinder with all those different lenses, you will hav e to acquire or make cams for each lens.

See the Graflex site for more details