View Full Version : Gundlach Portrait No. 6 ,need Info

frank hoerauf
15-Feb-2009, 15:38
Hey Guys I Picked Up This Large Portrait Lens From My Buddy Who Got It From His Freinds Grandmother Whos Husband Was A Photographer. Whew!
Anywhooo Its A Gundlach Manhatten Portrait No.6, 19 Inch Lens, F-4.5, Series A, Serial Number 119425. Just Wondering If Anyone Has Any Info On It, I Cant Seem To Find Anything On It Anywhere. Any Info Would Be Appreciated

16-Feb-2009, 04:58
Petzval type lens for 8x10 coverage.... If marked "Gundlach-Manhhatan" dates to about 1902-1910

Lets see a pic - it must be a huge lens..


Jim Galli
16-Feb-2009, 11:06
Of interest because Gundlach Petzvals were never f4.5 that I know of. They had 2 series, A and B and iirc A was f5, smaller for the field and B was f4 larer for the studio. A quick look at the catalogs at Seth Broder's site would confirm. f4.5 was usually reserved for Tessar type and Dialyt type lenses and sometimes triplets. A picture would help.

16-Feb-2009, 11:10
i saw this lens. it is big. about 8-10+ inches tall and a diameter of 5 inches or so. barrel is aluminum....i think. iris in the barrel....no water house stops. says Manhattan on it.

lets see some pictures anyway.....:)


frank hoerauf
16-Feb-2009, 12:10
Mr Galli, here is some more info on the lens, its 5 inches in diameter, and 9 1/2 inches long. Aluminum painted black. I included pics of the markings on the front of the lens. I held it up to my 11x14 Ansco studio I purchased from Mr Whitaker a year ago and it seems like it has plenty of coverage. I have tried to research this lens before but never was able to find any info. Thanks in advance........Frank I have not had the oportunity to shoot with it yet but I should be ready within the next month.