View Full Version : where to buy colour RA4 Paper in The Netherlands

pablo batt
15-Feb-2009, 15:18
i am having no luck in purchasing any ra4 paper that is not damaged or old stock in holland

any suggestions of reputable suppliers of FRESH supra etc

not the old outdated ultra thats doing the rounds

or any european countries so i could mail order it

im desperate to get some info as i am getting tempted to get a inkjet printer, this firghtens me



Gene McCluney
15-Feb-2009, 19:20
Silverprint right now in the UK has Kodak color paper at 60% off. Surely you could order from them.


Kodak color paper is manufactured at Harrow in the UK, just a few hundred miles from you in Amsterdam. (across water, though).

gary mulder
16-Feb-2009, 00:01
fuji paper is manufactured in the Netherlands

you can order it at