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Dan Fromm
15-Feb-2009, 08:39

I didn't know that there was a Sinar shutter with ~200 mm aperture or that three "element-group" means Heliar. Live and learn.

At even odds, from an Epidiascope.

Pete Watkins
15-Feb-2009, 09:00
As we say over here........... I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.

15-Feb-2009, 11:25
Another "Frankenstein" listing cobbled together from dead listings. Reminds me of the seller who used to list every brass lens as a "bokeh king" complete with suspiciously similar photos of a bare-breasted model standing mosquito-bitten amidst dark swirly woods.

15-Feb-2009, 11:30
It doesn't look all that shifty to me. Just bad english and an attempt to flourish the listing a bit... at least it starts at $0.99 without reserve.

I didn't know that there was a Sinar shutter with ~200 mm aperture or that

Heh, maybe he just meant you needed to shutter the thing somehow.

three "element-group" means Heliar.

I think there are three "groups" in a Heliar, right? ;)

Dan Fromm
15-Feb-2009, 12:20
walter23 wrote "I think there are three "groups" in a Heliar, right?"

Right. Also in jes' plain triplets, tessars, Elmarits, Sonnars, a variety of telephoto lenses, ...

Take a look at the cross-sections in the back of Cox.

neil poulsen
15-Feb-2009, 22:25

John Jarosz
16-Feb-2009, 08:16
Shipping is $85

What is Vokeh?

He says it fits a Leica.

Good stuff. He also has 1 feedback


Peter K
16-Feb-2009, 08:36
He says it fits a Leica.
Years ago there where Leica models aviable made for advertising, ca. 1 x 2 m. Possible it fits. :p

As Dan mentioned before, many of such lenses where made for epidiascopes.

Jim Galli
16-Feb-2009, 11:16
The careful reader has much to learn here. First is that anything that says Leitz is a Leica lens. Second is that a Dallmeyer 3A is a ULF lens. I think Cameo-Need_ham or whatever the he!! his name is now has some serious competition on his horizon. Maybe they'll get in a name war and both ramp up the idiotic lies??

BTW fwiw this is a triplet projector lens and at 800mm if you have a serious 11X14 Studio Portrait camera like a Century 8 this would have marvelous quality. Extremely sharp in it's focus zone which at 80cm f4.8 would be about 1/2 an inch or less. It's a street car headlight so field camera types need not apply.