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14-Feb-2009, 21:18

I have had a Canham DLC for a number of years now which has had a fair amount of use. It has been relegated to my back up camera for a while now, but I find myself taking it out pretty often to go hiking.

Lately, I noticed that when the front or rear standards are extended any more than a inch or two(3 to 6cm), it becomes extremely difficult to focus. It feels like the focusing mechanism is binding up a little bit, regardless if a lens is mounted or not. When a lens is mounted it becomes even more difficult, then the only way to move the focusing knob smoothing is to put my hand under the standard and apply upward pressure to relieve the strain on the focusing mechanism. The other thing I have noticed is that then turning the focusing know I can actually see the standard shift a little bit in the track.

Before I send the camera off to Keith for a tune-up, was wondering if anybody else has had or seen this type of problem.

Thank You.


Wm Blunt
15-Feb-2009, 04:42
It needs a slight "lube job". Call Keith to see which to use. I had same problem years ago and after using a lube that Keith recommded I have had no further problems. I don't recall the name of the product or I would post.
Wm Blunt

Kevin Crisp
15-Feb-2009, 08:44
Judicious use of lubri-plate or a moly paste should do it. I used that clear teflon light weight grease that Radio shack used to sell, I'm not sure it is still around. The movement should almost be too loose with the locking lever fully unlocked, then you can adjust the tension to your personal taste from there. Good luck.

Mike Reyburn
15-Feb-2009, 12:30
I had a similiar problem a couple of years ago and Keith recommended using 3M Silicone Lubricant (Dry Type), Part # 051135-08897 which comes in a spray can. I apply a very light coat to the back and front focusing rails every once and awhile to maintain the smooth focus adustment.

15-Feb-2009, 17:33
Thank you for the help. I have a can of the 3M lubricant in the shed, I will give it a try.

Thank you.