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14-Feb-2009, 12:05
Hi all,

I was wondering if Fuji Instant B/W Film FP-100B45 Super will work in a Polaroid 545 back--or if I need to ditch the 545 and buy the Fuji PA-145 holder.

Anyone actually doing this?



14-Feb-2009, 12:11
no. this comes up often, try the search option

14-Feb-2009, 12:33
no. this comes up often, try the search option

Uh, thanks. Have you actually tried it? This doesn't come up often, and I always search first. Most of the questions are about the difference between the MF and 4x5 holders.

This is why I asked, from the description at Japan Exposures:

Fuji Instant Black and White Film FP-100B45 is a peel-apart-type instant black and white film with an ISO speed rating of 100. This film can be used in cameras and other photographic equipment that accept instant film with a photo size of 102 x 131mm, and those provided or fitted with an instant camera back.

14-Feb-2009, 13:00
No, haven't tried it but I do use both fuji instant film and polaroid which require different holders. The only instant films fuji makes are pack films, 10 to a pack, not individual sheets. here's some stuff that comes up under fuji instant film

Gene McCluney
14-Feb-2009, 13:40
The Fuji FP100C-45 4x5" color pack film, used in the appropriate back is by far (in my opinion) superior in every way to Polaroid Type 79. Note, you must use a "pack-film" back, which is available NEW from Fuji, and you can also use the Polaroid brand pack-film back available used.

All the Fuji films suitable for use with LF cameras are "pack-films" that come in 10 sheet cartridges that fit "pack-film" backs. Polaroid, at one time made 4x5 pack films but discontinued them several years ago. Polaroid at the last only made the single-sheet 4x5 instant films. The pack-films require a pack-film back. Posts on forums indicate that Fuji will be expanding the variety of pack films available in the USA in March.

Most, if not all 4x5 cameras made in the last 50 years, and particularly those with Graflok backs can take a pack-film back.

The Fuji superiority is noted in several areas. 1. The image has more neutral "better" color balance. 2. The gloss of the instant-print is better. 3. The processing is more even, distribution of the processing goo is just perfect. It is easy to get perfect prints with the Fuji. I always had problems with Polaroid, in several different backs.

Gordon Moat
14-Feb-2009, 13:42
A Polaroid 550 holder will work with FP100C45. Sometimes you can find a good deal on these used, though lately they often seem to be high priced. Just for quick reference, a Polaroid 405 holder only works with the smaller Fuji Instant pack peel apart films, and you cannot use the smaller film packs in the larger holder. So you need one holder for each of the two sizes of peel apart pack films.


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P.S. - The search feature does suck most of the time.

14-Feb-2009, 16:14
I concur on all of the above regarding Polaroid 550 and 405 backs and Fuji instant pack film.

Dave Brown
14-Feb-2009, 19:53
Keep the 545 in case you want to use Fuji Quickloads. I don't know anything about Fuji's instant films, but their 4x5 Quickloads work great in the Polaroid 545 holder.