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Richard Wasserman
14-Feb-2009, 11:43
I was at REI the other day and found a terrific case for a Quickload holder and 20 sheets or so of film. It's an Eagle Creek medium Protech Cube, which is a semi-rigid case with a zipper and a handle. The size looks as if it was made for this application, the holder and film fit perfectly and are well protected. It cost $25.00 and I assume is available from other retailers who carry Eagle Creek products.

Darren H
14-Feb-2009, 14:16
Awesome. I'll have to look that up.

BTW- a great winter jacket that will hold a Quickload holder is a North Face Optimist Redpoint. The hand pockets will swallow a Quickload holder and you can zip 'em shut.

14-Feb-2009, 21:30
Eagle Creek makes some great stuff for filmholders...like the pack sacs. I use the medium ones for my 4x5 film holders as well as Grafmatic holders. The clip on them let's me hang them off my tripod securely.

Ralph Barker
15-Feb-2009, 09:19
Looks like an excellent solution. Thanks for posting, Richard.

I hope REI doesn't find out the case is being used for photographic purposes, though. If they do, the price might jump to $125. ;)

15-Feb-2009, 09:26
REI is a better company than that.

How would this work for 4x5 holders? Any idea how many it would hold?

Aender Brepsom
15-Feb-2009, 10:10
Thank you very much for this, Richard!

Richard Wasserman
15-Feb-2009, 10:31
The case does come with a couple adjustable dividers, so film holders would fit without sliding around. It would hold 5-6 depending on how tight you want to pack them.

How would this work for 4x5 holders? Any idea how many it would hold?

15-Feb-2009, 11:08
Thanks! I'll go visit my REI store next week.