View Full Version : Which reflex viewer to fit international backs?

13-Feb-2009, 11:16
Can anyone definitively tell me which reflex viewers will fit an 4x5 international back?

Peter K
13-Feb-2009, 12:37
The International Back definites the sizes and distances so one can use international film holders. The other side of the ground-glass differs from camera to camera. So look for a reflex viewer made for your camera.

Brian Wallen
1-Mar-2009, 03:19

You may find what you are looking for here:

If you discover something new, please share.

16-Nov-2010, 17:53
I've found the info I've been looking for.

The international back is a Cambo product. The international revolving back is a GREAT back and the reflex viewer that fits it is the Cambo brand.

Frank Bunnik
16-Nov-2010, 22:37
The revolving Cambo viewer is a great item and it weighs next to nothing. It is bulky however.