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12-Feb-2009, 20:06
Does anyone know if newer film holders will work on an old KORONA VI 5X7 camera? I could also use any information about available parts for this camera. Thanks!!! Ken

Rafael Garcia
12-Feb-2009, 20:11
They should work. I have a 5x7 Korona View and it has a standard back, accepting wooden and plastic holders equally well. I don't know what a Korona VI looks like, but the back should be the same, or newer than my camera's.

Gene McCluney
12-Feb-2009, 20:30
All you gotta do is try one. You'll know if it fits. They either fit or they don't fit at all. Take the back off the camera and look at the mating surface of the holder and the back.

There are no available parts for a Korona. You have to improvise, or purchase a "parts" body.

Richard Rankin
13-Feb-2009, 08:48
I have a box of old 5x7 holders and some seem slightly non-standard so let me know if you do have a problem finding some users. But I suspect modern holders will work fine. Older ones might prove a lot less expensive, though.


27-Feb-2009, 12:30
Thanks Richard. I didn't want to buy newer holders and find out they don't work.
Have a great day,

27-Feb-2009, 12:35
Thanks, I'll give them a try.

Don Dudenbostel
28-Feb-2009, 16:06
Don't know. I have a stack of Kodak, Ansco and a few other assorted wooden holders that won't fit my Canham but will fit my Sinar Norma.

Glenn Thoreson
28-Feb-2009, 16:31
Is the Korona VI a flat bed field camera, or is it one of the old self casing kind that looks like a box when closed up?

25-Mar-2009, 20:13
It's the old self casing type that looks looks like a box when closed.