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12-Feb-2009, 15:48
Can someone kindly point me at a diagram or a photo of a front-end guillotine or elastic band shutter? I have a very large 360mm lens (Stella by Sutter, Basle) and no longer have a Sinar shutter to stick behind it.

Glenn Thoreson
12-Feb-2009, 16:12
I can't steer you to any diagrams or info, but I had the same problem with a lens. What I did was ream out a piece of ABS plastic drain pipe to slip over the front of the lens. I glued that to a piece of an old dark slide with a hole cut the size of the pipe opening. Then I glued some dark slide strips on each side, to build it out for room for a slide to move up and down. I cut the slide from dark slide material and sanded everything so it would move up and down easily, then waxed it. I then cut a piece to go over the slide and guide stips, with the appropriate opening. Now, for timing it - I cut a slit in the slide, spaced so it would be covered when fully up or down. I tested it with my shutter tester with the thing mounted on the lens and the slide fully up. By using one finger to push the slide down, I got the time it was open and enlarged the slit a bit at a time until I got 1/50 at full speed. I can also get a pretty consistent 1/25 by being a little more gentle with the push. You can only move one of these things so fast without jiggling the camera. I hope this offers some help. :D

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Jim Galli
12-Feb-2009, 18:29
The patented Jim Galli Shutter (http://www.apug.org/forums/forum44/22200-jim-galli-shutter-barrel-lenses-drum-roll-please.html?highlight=Galli+Shutter).

A Packard (http://tonopahpictures.0catch.com/Article_About_Packard_Shutters.html) is very nice too. You can make a suitable sleeve to fit over the front of the 360 with Packard attached to sleeve. Focus, slip on the Packard, fire. A very nice thing about Packards is it is very easy to have them fire studio lights.

13-Feb-2009, 00:54
Thanks all. CCHarrison's device seems to be the one. I'll show it when I've made it.