View Full Version : Opening a Super Graphic

12-Feb-2009, 12:02
How the heck do I open this camera?


12-Feb-2009, 12:08
Turn the focus knobs.

12-Feb-2009, 12:08
Grinning. First you have to learn the Secret Handshake.

No clue. Is it like a Speed Graphic with the button hidden underneath the leatherette covering? Detectable as a small bump? Press and the bed drops down?

12-Feb-2009, 12:09
Turn the focus knobs.

Of course. I knew that. ;) :D :cool:

12-Feb-2009, 12:27
You'll love it Steve!
It's a clever design, But the opening procedure is not obvious.....I've seen a few with pry marks.
If it was made today, large warning labels would be required, (cast into the metal)
David Silva
Modesto Ca

12-Feb-2009, 12:54
Turn the focus knobs.

Sadistic designers...it's the only explanation. :eek:

Thanks for the help. It's good it didn't come down to a crow bar.

Paul Kierstead
12-Feb-2009, 13:23
Yeah, when I got my Crown I gave up after a bit and had to look it up. Then I was all like "cool"

12-Feb-2009, 18:58
Sadistic designers...it's the only explanation. :eek:

Don't blame the designers... it's clearly explained in the manual. :D

Ben Syverson
12-Feb-2009, 19:25
Haha... I forgot all about it until I saw this post, but I had the same problem when I got my Super! Rite of passage.

You'll have fun with the Super -- IMHO it's the perfect combination of movements and portability.

Kirk Fry
12-Feb-2009, 23:13
So all you folks out there who own a super and a crown, which one do you use the most?
When push come to shove, I grab the crown. K

12-Feb-2009, 23:58
Front shift and front swing?
Look at the center bottom of the front standard. Just below the lock for the front standard you will see a chrome tab. Push it down toward the bed and you will find that the Super has front swing and front shift (both sides). Oh, and the swing is HUGE. But you need a third arm out of your chest, because you have to hold the standard in place, push down on the chrome tab and push for swing or shift at the same time.

Good luck. Great camera, if you can use it's full potential.

Greg Lockrey
13-Feb-2009, 00:18
It's good it didn't come down to a crow bar.

Or a hammer! :eek: :eek: :eek: