View Full Version : Maxwell Screen on Crown/Speed Graphic?

Kevin Crisp
12-Feb-2009, 11:42
Has anyone done this? Does it make the image bright enough so that you can actually get away with the pop up hood in lieu of a darkcloth for almost everything?

Joanna Carter
12-Feb-2009, 12:11
I don't know about other cameras but on my Ebony SV45Te, I can now use any lens from 72mm to 400mm without any problem; compared with the standard screen which is very dark below around 120mm

12-Feb-2009, 12:30
I have a Maxwell screen on my Technika 5x7, and I can use only the pop up hood for everything indoors, and about half the situations outside. But for very bright conditions, and snow covered scenes (where I'm standing in the snow), I will need a dark cloth.