View Full Version : Horseman VH 6 x 9 field camera -- Advice?

Howard Slavitt
16-Oct-1998, 12:17
I have an opportunity to pick up a Horseman VH 6 x9 field camera in nice conditi on for about $1,200 (the new price is $2,100). Does anyone have experience with this camera? This would be my first view camera. I will use it almost exclusi vely for landscapes. I like to day hike and backpack and want to have view came ra movements, but be able to use roll film because it is much less expensive tha n 4 x 5.

17-Oct-1998, 13:57
You may want to directly contact some of the contributors to the "Horseman" sect ion of the Medium Format Digest, accessible via the www.photo.net/photo home pag e or directly at

http://db.photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-one-category.tcl?topic=Medium%20Format%20Dige st&category=Horseman