View Full Version : Schneider Kreuznach Doppel-Anastigmat Jaconar?

10-Feb-2009, 08:09
Does anybody know anything about this lens? Bought a camera with it and it seems there is very little(google says no) information available about it. I'm just curious. It's 135mm f4.5. The camera is a nice old 9x12 patent etui.

Chauncey Walden
10-Feb-2009, 09:48
Try Isconar. They are a nice lens.

10-Feb-2009, 16:07
So the seller has just mistyped the lenses name, thank you for the information!

Now i know it's dialyte design, my camera purchase just got better. I have liked my ektar 203mm very much, and have been looking for some cheap dialyte lenses to play with.