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22-Jun-2001, 16:12
"lift up flap on top of camera housing for increased wide angle efficiency" that's the main difference between my old Technika V and a brand new one. i've read that some people manage to "convert" it ! all advises welcome ! do linhof provides parts to do it ? where can i find little mechanical parts ?....

Richard Boulware
22-Jun-2001, 23:06
dg: Careful here. I am a professional of many years as a photo/illustrator. I own a V. It is my forth career Technika. The body of the Technika is a precision casting, with precision machining to incredible tolerances. I also have two metal lathes and perform precision machinging to very fine tolerances. I wouldn't touch that modification with a ten foot pole. First, are you really sure you need that lens rise that a flap will give you? I'll bet that with Technika shooters...about 2% will ever use it. Second,..with all the contortions you can put that Technika in...you can find a way to get around the problem. Third, I think less than half of the Technika shooters ever really use the drop-bed, lens rise, back adjustments to accomplish what you need. You might well risk the situation where you loose a fine camera and consign it to the trash heap if you tinker with it. Do what you must....but use great caution and be aware of the risk. Good luck.

Brian Ellis
23-Jun-2001, 13:32
Richard's point concerning the importance of making sure that this is something you really need to do is very valid. However, assuming you have already determined that you have a real need for the modification, I don't think it should be difficult for a machinist to do. I have a Technika V and a friend has the Master. It looks to me like all that would be inovolved is making three cuts to create the flap and then regluing the covering. This isn't something I'd begin to try myself but something a machinist should be able to do quite easily. Before I did anything like this I would talk with Martin at Marflex and see if he's ever seen it done and what the pitfalls might be. However, even after doing this your Tech V still wouldn't be converted to a Master. There are differences between the Tech V and the Master besides just the top flap. For example, the mechanism by which the four back knobs operate is completely different on the Master although this isn't apparent from looking at the cameras. Also, I believe that the degree of some of the Master's front movements is a little greaer on the Master though I'd have to dig out their respective specs to be sure.

Natha Congdon
23-Jun-2001, 17:53
For whatever it's worth, none of the top photo machinists that I contacted back when I was thinking about doing this, including Steve Grimes, were willing to touch this modification. I think this just further emphasizes that you should only do this with great caution. I finally decided against it, though there are certainly times when it would have been useful. Apparently the Master also has some improved internal baffling to reduce flare with WA lenses, again, FWIW.

Good luck,


David E. Rose
23-Jun-2001, 21:17
Check out the book "How to Photograph Buildings and Interiors" by Gerry Kopelow. He had his Technika 23 modified for front rise as you are describing and gives a description of the process along with a photo of the modified camera.

24-Jun-2001, 16:09
really need to do is ! i need more front rise (urban landscapes) and i really li ke my camera. for this typical use, i think that arca Fline are more appropriate but the old f ashion look of the technika and the way you cab fold it is better for my use in every where in cities... about the book "How to Photograph Buildings and Interiors" by Gerry Kopelow, i j ust can't find it over here (france) !!!

thanks for all answers, i prepare my camera today (removing more parts...and lea ther), this job will be done by a mechanist this week, fingers cross...

29-Jun-2001, 05:40
i've done it ! the camera is fine, i can use more movements ! the only bad thing is that i have to make a new flap (the cutting remove toot mu ch metal to be able to use it) anyway, i'm happy, but i agree this others : this have to be done only if you re ally need it, it was my case ! thanks for all your contributions !