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Brian Wallen
10-Feb-2009, 02:48
I've noticed some earlier questions about reflex viewers for Galvins and thought I would share. I have a Horseman VH and the rotating back attachment that lets me use a 6x? RH and a reflex viewer. The Horseman mono 6x9 reflex viewer is attached using a Graflok bar on the bottom and some offset tabs on the top, so the viewer has a rim around the front where it attaches to the camera that looks like the section of the RH which the Graflok bars grab to attach it to the camera body.

Graphic and Wista 6x? holders fit the Horseman VH, Crown 23 and the 6x9 sliding RH/GG back for my 4x5 Wista. The Horseman reflex viewer will not attach to the Crown 23 because the mounting rim of the viewer seems just slightly too thick for the Crown's Graflok bar to clear. The Horseman viewer doesn't fit on the Wista sliding back because the port for the viewer expects to see a swingaway viewer--one that mounts on a left side pivot pin on the Wista backs. The Wista 6x9 viewers also have a machine screw on the right that engages a threaded hole on the back. I've never seen a 6x9 Cambo reflex viewer, but do have one for 4x5 and it attaches in a third way--there is a tab on the left side of the back and a sliding lock on the right side that engage some pockets molded into the sides of the viewer. The Cambo viewer has no rim by which it could be attached using Graflok bars.

So, if I were buying a Horseman viewer for any 6x9 camera with an international back and expecting to attach it with the Graflok bars, I'd want to try it first. I wouldn't buy a Wista 6x9 or Cambo viewer (if one exists) expecting that either would mount to an international back with the Graflok bars.

Does the Galvin have shift and swing on both standards? I can't tell from looking at pictures of the camera. It looks like it has rise/fall only on the front and axis tilts on both.

12-Feb-2009, 14:48
Hey, not to post another question on top of yours but can you tell me which reflex viewer WILL fit an international back? You seem to know a bit about this subject.

Brian Wallen
1-Mar-2009, 03:26
This question prompted a small project; here is the result.