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Andrew M
9-Feb-2009, 20:50
Firstly I hope its ok to post here, its kinda an accessory (albeit an old one!), wasnt sure where else other wise

I am wondering if there are some folks here that know about these old projectors and can give further details...at least for some reason I thought it was a projector (i think that what the person whom i first got it said) but sometimes I think it may be an enlarger (or both?). Can anyone tell me exactly what the differences are? maybe if it was enlarger it would have extra slots for filters?

I think the glass frame holder is not original, i was told it perhaps had a 9x12 carrier before, the one in it at the moment is about 14cmx16cm glass area

I have some old catalogue books around here somewhere with some pictured enlargers, from memory they are from an English company but they are misplaced and I can’t find them at the moment. I haven’t got anything from ICA which is the label attached to the base of the 1000w globe assembly. The plaque on the front standard says Emil Jansen, Special Haus, gegrundet 1890 (the u has the dots over it but I don’t know how to get them to work on my computer), Barmen, Wertherstr 8. I was told it was from 1910-18. I am not sure if that is correct?

Any idea what those slots are for around the front ‘hood’ of the lens? For filters maybe? Are they a common thing?




Pete Watkins
10-Feb-2009, 10:08
C'mon lads, Help us out.
I reckon that it's a magic lantern. I have a lens like that but it has a hinged flap on the front, it does have the slits in the side but not the slot on the top. I was sold it as a magic lantern lens but I don't think that the bloke who sold it to me (£20-00 UKP) knew what it really was either. I do intend to try it on a camera soon but I don't think that it was ever desigened as a camera lens.
Best wishes,

Andrew M
10-Feb-2009, 14:52
Thanks Pete, hmm, yeah if not here then I am not sure where to ask, I thought someone would have some hints or knowledge of these ol things, to chime in as they say.

I'm not sure how common it would have been to project a 9x12cm positive, so it makes me think perhaps projecting a negative and used as an enlarger would be more in line with what it was designed for, however there is no ajustable aperture...but they are only guesses.

I thought as well it may be worth trying the lens on the camera, this one seems to have a focal length about 19" ,the barrel is about 100mm long, the front element is 55mm ,the rear 50mm. I havnt worked out the aperture yet. The image circle at a quick glance appears to cover 8x10 easily enough. Unfortunately the rear has some seperation, about 5mm around 3/4 of the circumferance.

10-Feb-2009, 15:36
Try these folks: http://www.magiclanternsociety.org/
It looks like a magic lantern to me, but the above society would know for sure.

16-Feb-2009, 11:29
Andrew M,Like your half round table and fone [the good old days ] is that a sewing machine base the camera is set on ? Thanks

16-Feb-2009, 17:11
You found it dude!!!

The lost Watkins Steam-Powered Mass Ionizer.

Andrew M
16-Feb-2009, 17:33
Thanks for the link drew, those folk look like they would have all sorts of info. have to pay to join though. so sooner or later i will probbly get around to it.

Andrew M
16-Feb-2009, 17:46
Yeah Lauren, its a sewing base i found at the back of a garage 20 od years ago, i cut some old baltic pine floor boards to make the top, i cant bring myself to get rid of it now, so it gets used for various things...at the moment the Steam Powered Mass Ironiser rests on it...sounds like something that can split the beer atom, thats how modern beer gets the creamy head i think!

the phone still works (was adapted with modern wiring a few decades back), though its not plugged in nowadays, since we got the cordless handset some yaers ago...before that, this house came with a phone on the wall which i didnt like to use (had to stand up all the time) so i removed it and we always used the candle stick phone....the looks we got when a visitor asked to use our phone was always amusing! and watching them using it was even funner, there just didnt seem any need to upgrade until we got the cordelss phone