View Full Version : Info on a company called Salt Hill

3-Aug-2001, 16:22
I am trying to find a contact number or website for this company. I have been to ld they make a very good 4x5 film dryer amongst other darkroom accessories, but I can't find them listed anywhere.

Thanks for your help.

Bob Salomon
3-Aug-2001, 16:46
Salt Hill is long out of business.

The owner was employeed at B&H in their darkroom dept.

He could still be there.

Brian Ellis
4-Aug-2001, 07:59
Salt Hill went out of business around 1996 or 1997, which was a shame because they made probably the most elegant and functional (not to mention expensive) darkroom equipment around. They had the misfortune of devoting a lot of resources to the development and production of a new type of enlarger just as digital was coming to the fore and enlarger sales were going way down. However, I wouldn't knock myself out trying to find a used Salt Hill film dryer. I had one and it never worked well with roll film - it always left lots of very small water spots on the film. After much arguing back and forth, Salt Hill finally refunded my money. I don't think I've ever seen one on the used market so perhaps they didn't sell very many.

Joseph Sacamano
29-Jan-2002, 01:48
I was suprised to find Stephen's comments re the Salt Hill film washer. I own both their washer and the electric dryer. No water spots, no breakdowns, no problems. If you find one - give it a try. Joseph

Mark Blier
30-Sep-2004, 08:43
Salt Hill Darkroom apparatus had the makings of greatness. The several different pieces were well thought-out, brilliantly designed and beautiful to behold, most of all an eisel that belongs in the MET, truly a masterpiece, in design, function, and handsome to boot.