View Full Version : ilex general shutter - is it good?

23-Jun-2001, 15:59
i am about to purchase a lens mounted in an ilex general shutter. are these shutters reliable? thanks in advance! - john

Doug Paramore
23-Jun-2001, 20:06
John: The old Ilex shutters were pretty reliable. They were built for professional use, so they hold up well.


Chris Partti
23-Jun-2001, 20:21
Steve Grimes has a page on Ilex shutters on his web site (www.skgrimes.com).

23-Jun-2001, 20:26
If you go to the front page of this LF site there is an article about shutters. The Ilex isnt bad but the Wollensak shutters were a little better made

David A. Goldfarb
23-Jun-2001, 23:18
Grimes warns against the dial set Ilex shutters. The rim set shutters are fine, but not as accurate as modern shutters in general. I have two lenses in recently serviced Ilex shutters and don't have any problems with them.