View Full Version : Speed bellows on Crown?

Tim Meisburger
9-Feb-2009, 14:45
Does anyone know if the bellows from a speed graphic can be used on a crown?


9-Feb-2009, 16:22
Hmmm... I have what is basically a Crown graphic 4x5 that I made from several bags & boxes of mixed Crown and Speed parts. The main body is a Speed graphic body, the bellows and front standard are from a Crown graphic and the focusing rails, and base are from a Speed, but the internal mechanism (gears, knobs, etc) are from a Crown. So the answer should be 'Yes.'

Kevin Crisp
9-Feb-2009, 16:46
I think it is the same part for both. I have a factory repair manual and I don't remember it showing otherwise. There is an old version and a new version bellows for both, evidently an improvement. I can't tell the difference in the cameras I've had.

Glenn Thoreson
9-Feb-2009, 17:29
As long as the Speed is a later Anniversary model, or a Pacemaker model, it will be the same bellows. Your Crown Graphic is, of course, a Pacemaker model.

Tim Meisburger
9-Feb-2009, 17:33
Great! Thank you all very much!