View Full Version : iss shutter question

4-Aug-2001, 14:47
Hello. I am buying a 4x5 system. It is my first large format camera, and don't k now what lenses to buy to use with the horseman iss electronic shutter. Do only " barrel" lenses work? The reason I ask is that there seems to be very little se lection of that type of lens. Any experiences with this shutter? Thanks in advan ce.

Bob Salomon
4-Aug-2001, 15:20
We can supply most Rodenstock lenses in any shutter one wants.

Copal, Copal Press, Rollei Linear Motor, Prontor Professional, Prontor Professional TK, Compur or Horseman ISS2.

All one needs to do is specify which shutter type they need when they order a lens.

We can also supply lenses without shutter in NF (barrel) mount. Again one only needs to specify.

david clark
4-Aug-2001, 18:06
Hi Marcel, see the Midwest Photo Exchange web page, and look under barrel lenses. I think I saw that shutter on ebay, I think Henrys in Toronto had one. If that is the same thing then practically any lens for the comparable Copal shutter would screw into it. There have been some real good deals I've seen recently on used G-Claron in barrel; they looked never used and they were selling for a faction of what you see them listed for. I don't know why that is. Does anyone know why there has been this flood of these G-Claron lenses in barrel recently on the used market? Also, there are a lot of reproduction lenses on the market right now for a very good price which might screw into your shutter. And there are a lot of lenses where you can use a single cell for picture taking, like the Dagor, which I never knew was made to be used as a double, so you could get an adapter for any single element to screw into you shutter. Like I said, if that is the shutter I saw on ebay, little black box looking thing, I think you can do a lot with it. I didn't quite understand how it works. It listed the fastest speed as 1/60 of a sec. Does that mean you can dial in any speed you want that is slower? Also, as for selection of barrel lenes, I think any lens for sale in shutter, you can probably buy without the shutter if you asked for it that way. If you don't know your Copal size and which lenses will work with it, you could measure the inside diameter of the threaded part and look at specs on Steve Grimes web page to get an idea of the possiblities. Let me know how it works. Best, David