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8-Feb-2009, 14:02
Greetings to everyone:

One of the cameras I use for my hobby of panoramic photography is a Widelux 1500. I'm looking for others who may have experience with this camera. Specifically regarding the problem of banding that I now understand begins to occur typically after about 100-rolls of film have been shot. Mine has been showing banding for some time. I understand the fix is a simple disassembly and cleaning of the mechanism but I really don't think I want to attempt this repair myself. Anyone know a competent technician who is familiar with the Widelux? I would be very pleased to hear. Thanks and best regards. Bob

Colin Corneau
9-Feb-2009, 20:06
This was helpful to me, Bob, when I got my Widelux F7.


11-Feb-2009, 18:14
Yes thanks. I've seen this. Good advice for the user. But 20-years old now so I'm sure the repair shop references are no longer applicable. Cheers. Bob

Don Dudenbostel
12-Feb-2009, 10:53
I had the F7 for ten years and had banding problems that were never resolved. I had it in the shop three or four times and it would work properly for a few rolls and then start banding again. I finally got tired of it and bought one of the older all metal Russian Horizonts and sold the Widelx. In twelve or so years I've never had anybanding issues. I bought it used so it must be thirtyyears old and now it needs a cla but still does not band. During this time I purchased a Roundshot for some annual report work and loved the camera. I used it for quite a few jobssnd some personal work and then sold it a few years ago. I regret selling it now. It functioned perfectly and was tack sharp and very easy to use. Sell the widelx and find a Roundshot. The Roundshot is a far better and more versatile camera.

13-Feb-2009, 21:07
OK on the advice to sell the Widelux. Well I probably won't sell it. I like the format and some of my finest photos have been made with it. In good daylight the 1/60 speed is my choice anyway and with that speed there is no banding. Much of my work with it is also done after dark where I do use the 1/8 speed setting. But I typically take multiple exposures on the same frame... sometimes as many as 16 or more. Banding is not evident with that many multiple exposures. I'll keep the idea of getting a Horizont in mind. I've seen a few for sale on auction sites but haven't bid on them. Cheers. Bob

Jan Pedersen
13-Feb-2009, 21:44
Bob, Be careful if you end up buying one from one of the several Russian sources for the horizon camera. I bought a 202 last year in November, the camera never arrived although i do belive seller did ship it. I did get my money back from the auction site through a dispute and bought the Horizon Perfekt from B&H instead. No banding problems so far.

14-Feb-2009, 09:08
Jan. Thanks for the warning. I have bought so many things from auction sites over the years and never had any problems but you are right. Can sometimes be trouble. In fact my reason for joining this forum was to get some opinions about a questionable storage technique for sheet film that I bought on auction... the subject of another thread. For this thread though I would still like to locate a good repair technician who can take my Widelux apart for a thorough cleaning. Given the complexity of the mechanism I wont trust it to anyone. I would like to find an individual or company with confirmed experience with the Widelux. Regards. Bob

Henry Suryo
14-Feb-2009, 09:29
Yes thanks. I've seen this. Good advice for the user. But 20-years old now so I'm sure the repair shop references are no longer applicable. Cheers. Bob

I believe Bob Watkins from this repair shop reference is with Precision Camera Works presently. You could try to contact him there, he may be able to help you or point you to the right direction. Good luck.

It actually says on the website that they were an authorised service center for Wideluxes before the company closed and still have parts for servicing and maintenance.


14-Feb-2009, 14:26
Thanks for the link Henry. I will give that avenue a try. Regards. Bob