View Full Version : Spirit and Bubble Levels Source

8-Feb-2009, 10:20
Love the mirrored levels on my Ebony camera. Is there a source to buy these separate?
Or other levels for front standard?

Peter De Smidt
8-Feb-2009, 10:25
Try asking Ebony?

8-Feb-2009, 11:55
Maybe not exactly what you are after, but here are some options (scroll down on that page to see the individual vials):

Bruce Watson
8-Feb-2009, 12:37
Also try the Calumet Photographic parts department. They stock replacement spirit levels for a lot of different view cameras.

Michael Alpert
9-Feb-2009, 10:44
Try asking Ebony?

A few years ago, when I asked one of Ebony's distributors about a mirrored level, I was told that they did not sell parts. I don't blame them, given the effort needed to create the engineering details of their cameras. I imagine that one of the Chinese companies that has stolen Ebony's ideas wholesale would sell you anything.

9-Feb-2009, 12:29
Yes I wrote Ebony and not so much for those reasons did they decline to sell this part but the fact that in order for the mirror and levels to work correctly the camera needs to be milled out.