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Karel Prokes
8-Feb-2009, 04:53
hello guys
I am having the hardest time getting hold of compur 00 recessed lens panel for my horseman monorail camera / 13.8x13.8cm /. as I tried to look around I understand that I will not be able to get one! There just is not any anywhere. I need it to be something around three cm recessed.

Therefore I think of getting a copal 0 with some adapter if possible.

Maybe copal 0 recessed panel and get somebody to narrow the hole for me.. I have a friend who is a welder.. perhaps..

Basically I am looking for some advise, I have this 65mm lens and cannot use it... very sad.

thanks a lot

Phil Hudson
8-Feb-2009, 05:05
If you're in the UK, have you tried Mr Cad photographic? They have a large stock of odd adapters, rings, flanges, lens panels, etc. Maybe worth a call or email. I have had good luck looking for things there in the past. www.mrcad.co.uk

Good luck.

Dan Fromm
8-Feb-2009, 06:59
Karel, which 65 mm lens do you have and what format do you want to use it on?

Gene McCluney
8-Feb-2009, 07:57
You can take a recessed lensboard already cut for a larger shutter, and mount a thin steel plate which you have cut with the smaller hole for the OO. It is quite simple. You can get thin sheet steel or brass at most full-line hardware stores and hobby shops in small "hobby" sizes, which you can then cut a piece to size for your needs. Once you get the adaptor plate cut to your needs, spray it both sides with flat-black paint, then mount with small screws and washers and nuts to the factory lens board, by drilling small holes in the corners of the adaptor board thru the original lens panel. I have done this several times. You can cut with a pair of "nibble" shears, or a hack-saw, the outside dimension. For the hole, you may need to drill a circle of small holes with an electric drill, then use the nibbler shears to finish the cut, then file the rough edges.

Vick Vickery
8-Feb-2009, 12:11
I just mounted a lens in a recessed boart with a much larger hole by cutting and gluing in a pannel of 1/8" plywood (from any hobby shop) into the front of the original recessed section. Just cut the new pannel to fit into the recessed board from the front (or on the rear if the present hole is large enouth to accept and not interfere with the workings of the new shutter) and drill a new hole. Takes longer to write it than to do it. Spray paint the whole thing flat black.

Karel Prokes
10-Feb-2009, 14:33
DAN; it is the silver barel f8/65mm SA schneider..

everybody else; THANKS hell of a lot.. you have opened my eyes.. :)


13-Feb-2009, 15:45
There is also an adapter made for this by SK Grimes. I've been thinking about purchasing one from them for the same lens in a Technica recessed lensboard.

Keith Pitman
13-Feb-2009, 15:53
Ebay seller "jinfinance" can probably get one for you; just ask. He has supplied blank lensboards to a friend.