View Full Version : Good tonality and contrast lens - need advice

7-Feb-2009, 14:45

Could you recommend a lens that has good (smooth) tonality and good overall contrast? I shoot 4x5 portraits mostly so prefer the focus length about 210mm(8"). I'd like to find older lens with such characteristics.

Many thanks.

Jan Pedersen
7-Feb-2009, 15:16
A coated Dagor will be a good choice. The 210 have much more coverage than you need on a 4x5 but then you can use it on larger formats to.
A 210 Heliar is also a good choice but have less contrast than the Dagor.

8-Feb-2009, 09:34
I have a Caltar 240mm Type Y, actually made by Rodenstock, that has the characteristics you mentioned.