View Full Version : 4x5 Bellows for maximum movement with Super Angulon 121?

John Cummins
5-Feb-2009, 13:56
I have an old metal Calumet 4x5, like the one in the Ansel Adams books.
Its bellows tapers from rear to front standard, so the rear element of the lens hits into it on more extreme, actually not so extreme, movements.

I'm not using a recessed board, but would obtain one if it would help.

Is there a bag bellows for this camera?

Any recommendations for a field camera, with lots of movements, that wouldn't limit this lens?

Thanks for any tips.

Jim Galli
5-Feb-2009, 14:09
The Zone VI field camera with removable bellows had an optional bag bellows. I had one and it is a delight to use. When Calumet dropped the old CC400 series and went with Cambo 4X5's they offered a short 9 inch rail and a bag bellows which is heavier and clunkier than the Z VI but very very usable. Both are good solutions and the pretty new Chamonix cameras have brought prices of the Zone VI tumbling.

5-Feb-2009, 14:13
The only one I can think of is a mono-rail with both the front and rear standard the same size.
Get one with interchangable bellows, so you can mount a bag-bellows aswell.


Mark Sampson
6-Feb-2009, 06:26
There's a wide-angle version of your Calumet (model CC-402?), with a short rail and a fixed bag belllows. Kirk Gittings, who moderates this forum, has used one professionally for many years. A used one might be your least expensive option.
I've used a 121/8 SA on a Zone VI, with the bag bellows, for many years. It works fine but the Z-VI bellows get very stiff in cold weather.

John Cummins
6-Feb-2009, 12:04
Thanks very much everyone for these suggestions; I will look into them.
Much obliged.
- John

Jim Rice
6-Feb-2009, 12:05
On a CC-400 like yours the only solution is the recessed board and it will only work with a Copal-0 or smaller shutter. You'll also need one of those little cable release extenders with a super flexable tip. Even with a Copal-0 it will be a tight enough fit to be a significant PITA, though it is workable. Hope this helps.