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4-Feb-2009, 20:29
Years ago I remember mucking around in the darkroom with different coloured papers (eg B&W paper but the actual paper base was coloured). I remember a blue-based one, but also an attractive silver. I recently picked up a copy of a black and white photography mag where the pages were silver, and it looked stunning with the black image on a silver page. It's obviously not a silver-gelatin print, but it reminded me of these beautiful papers.
Can anyone advise if these sorts of papers are available these days, and if so who's making them? Are they only fibre based, or are they now available as RC (pretty sure the ones I was using were FB).
Sorry if this is a silly question, I've just returned to the darkroom after a 15-year break!

John T
4-Feb-2009, 20:36
Luminos used to make those papers, but they discontinued traditional papers a few years ago. You can coat a metal plate with liquid emulsion. Images in a magazine are just offset ink printed onto silver paper.

Gem Singer
4-Feb-2009, 20:37
Kentmere used to make a silver surfaced paper under the Luminous name.

Now that Harmon Technologies has bought out Kentmere, I don't know if it is still available.

Check with Freestyle Sales.

Gem Singer
4-Feb-2009, 20:43
John T,

We need to quit meeting like this. People will begin to talk (insert smiley face here).

John T
4-Feb-2009, 20:45
Gem Singer is actually correct. I meant to write Luminos sold those papers...

Even though it might not fit your needs, you can also buy metal plates thatcan be run through an inkjet printer from:


although these are normally meant to print out labels for boxes or portfolios.

John T
4-Feb-2009, 20:47
They probably already are:D

Nathan Potter
5-Feb-2009, 09:01
I'm also wondering if silvered mylar could be run through an inkjet printer. It's not a wet chemistry process but might be interesting. That mylar film used to be available from Edmund Scientific. Has anyone tried this?

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

6-Feb-2009, 09:59
Fuji and Kodak both have metallic color papers which many labs offer for lightjet type printing, but it seems they can be very difficult to keep neutral for B&W prints.

6-Feb-2009, 10:35
I have a few samples here of Kodak's Endura Metallic paper that were printed on a LightJet - they are pretty stunning. Time will tell as to whether they stay neutral, but they are very neutral out of the printer, or at least mine are. One thing I've noticed is that slightly blown-out clouds can look pretty cool on metallic wet papers (subjective).