View Full Version : LINHOF SUPER TECHNICA 23 -- good?

Peder Sahlin
16-Mar-1999, 23:58
I am looking at purchasing an older model of the LINHOF SUPER TECHNICA 23 with a 6x7 roll film back and need some input as to value and usefulness. I am primar ily a nature photographer and I am looking for the movements that a lrage format camera gives me but still want the convenience of a roll film camera. The mode l that I am looking at is not the same as the one that I see on B&H and is close r to the Technica III from the research that I have done so far. Any informatio n in making up my mind as to purchase would be greatly appreciated.

Bob Salomon
17-Mar-1999, 06:07
If you send me the serial number I can tell you the model and age when I return to the office

Ric Raymond
17-Mar-1999, 08:02
Peder, I have a 2x3 Linhof Super Technica IV with a 6x7 roll film back that I use. I use it for nature work as well as in the studio. I have even used it to get some shots at a local basketball game but I wouldn't recommend doing this as a regular thing!!! The original schneider lenses are prone to flare to watch the sun. Let me know if you have any specific questions concerning using this camera and I will try to answer. Ric