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Jonathan Brewer
22-Jun-2001, 00:31
I have a Docter Optics 360 6.7 Tessar which takes 95mm filters. Tiffen makes a series of 4x4 Grad ND filters 2mm and 4mm thick for a very reasonable price. Is there any difference between the filters except for the thickness?

Is there an adaptor out there that I can screw onto my lens or another 95mm filter attached to the lens which will hold a 4x4 filter such as the Tiffens I' ve described? My thinking is that if I can slide the Grad ND up and down in the holder that I can frame any way I want and adjust the Grad ND filter accordingl y.

Is there something like this in existence, or would this be work for Mr. Gr imes?

Scott Walton
22-Jun-2001, 09:14
Bring your filter into a camera store and try the Cokin P holder. There are others available but the names escape me. Cheers

22-Jun-2001, 17:52
4x4 filter holders might cause vignetting on your lens with a 95 mm thread. You can use scotch tape with your 4x5 or 4x6 filters, or get a Cokin X-Pro filter holder which has a 120(?) mm opening. Try here: http://www.minoltausa.com/cokin/pro/index.htm Yeah, SKG can always make magic for you. Cheers,

John Adler
27-Jun-2001, 20:13
Lee Filters makes a 95mm adapter ring, and a holder for 4" wide filters. I'd recommend a 4x6" graduated filter, which will allow for more leeway adjusting your grad line up and down.

-John Adler LEE Filters USA