View Full Version : Ebony 8x10 tripod head

4-Feb-2009, 07:26
I have recently purchased an Ebony SV810, everybody said that there would be no vibration! It is sitting atop a big Gitzo No5 head, and even though I'm attaching with both bushes, it's vibrating even with a light breeze with a standard lens. Does anyone have advice about a better head?

john collins
4-Feb-2009, 07:34
I think that the tripod head that you have is up to the job. Perhaps a golf umbrella to keep it out of the wind.

Brian Ellis
4-Feb-2009, 08:09
I'm not sure exactly what's vibrating but with the bellows extended wind presents a problem with any LF camera regardless of how well the camera itself is constructed. If it's so bad that your photographs are affected you'll need to do something to block the wind, such as an umbrella like John suggested.

Steve Hamley
4-Feb-2009, 09:46
The first thing to do is find out exactly what's vibrating and where. My Ebony 8x10 is rigid but the front standard is prone to vibration, likely because it is so rigid. A tuning fork effect IMO, that isn't apparent on the 4x5.

A AWB wind stabilizer will help ensure the standards stay where you put them and don't move independently of each other. I use on on mine, especially with big Compound shutters which vibrate quite a bit when they release. I have mine attached with 2-sided foam tape so I don't have to drill the wood. Not quite as solid, but maybe the tape also adds some damping.