View Full Version : Schneider SA 65/8 -"Sinar" ??

Stuart Whatling
2-Aug-2001, 09:44
Just picked up a Schneider Super-Angulon 65mm f8 (with the chrome front barrel) in a compur 0 shutter. While the comments in the archive give varying assessment s of this optic, it was cheap and pristine and the small size (49mm filter threa d!) suits me, so I bought it.

The odd thing however is the board it was mounted on - it's a Sinar board with a cunning gizmo which looks like a shutter release for setting the aperture from behind. Furthermore, the usual white writing around the front also has "SINAR" i n green.

My question is, was the only difference between this and a normal SA the extra l ittle tab to engage the aperture ring with the remote control or is there someth ing about the design that might make it unsuitable on a normal lens-board?

Finally, I notice that alongside the "X" and "M" settings for flash synch, there 's also a "V" - which appears to be a self-timer setting. Was this a common feat ure on older lenses?

Stuart Whatling
2-Aug-2001, 10:51
Oops - scrub the bit about Compur 0 - it's actually even smaller. The lens panel hole is approx 26mm - is that 00 ?