View Full Version : X-Rite 404 - no reading ??

3-Feb-2009, 09:48
Hi All,

I just received an X-Rite 404A color reflection densitometer from my friend (FOC), whom got no idea of what it is.

When I first start using it (pressing it down) on the reflection standard that come with the package, I got no reading on the screen - just blank (Normally, SOME reading should pop up on the screen after several seconds.) When I return the densitometer to the original position, it just pop up the old result. I have tried it on different things, e.g. book, paper, table, etc, and got the same outcome.

I checked the light lamp, when I press the densitometer down, I didn't see any "visible" light come out from the spot, is it normal??? since I didn't get any error message from the densitometer (e.g. Lamp fail).

or do I need to re-calibrate or do something else?


4-Feb-2009, 18:33
Sounds like the lamp might be dead or broken.
Xrite has a few FAQ's about the 404A. http://www.xrite.com/product_overview.aspx?ID=37&Action=Support