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ricardo pinzon
20-Jun-2001, 21:00
I am in process of buying a Alpina Sinar 4x5 camera. I was wondering what people think of this camera in general?...and, is the same camera the Alpina and the A -1 sinar....what's the difference?

ed kang
21-Jun-2001, 00:38
I recommend you look through the archives before posting this question:

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ed kang
21-Jun-2001, 00:39
Let's try that again.

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ed kang
21-Jun-2001, 00:40
That's it, if the html parser on this place doesn't get this right, I'm going to...go home and photograph something. http://hv.greenspun.com/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg.tcl?msg_id=0003ga (http://hv.greenspun.com/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg.tcl?msg_id=0003ga)

Peter Brown
21-Jun-2001, 01:00
Hi Ricardo,

I'm not sure if the Alpina and the A-1 are the same, but the A-1 is a great start to get into the Sinar system. The A-1 is a well-made, sturdy, camera.

It has Sinar's 2-point focusing and angle calculator scale which lets you calculate exact swings and tilts in seconds, without guesswork. It has yaw-free movements and geared fine focus. There is also a Depth-of-field scale and it's fully compatible with the rest of the Sinar system.

It is basically an F1 but with a different base/rail setup. I think it could be easily converted to an F1. You didn't say what type of photography you are likely to be using it for but, for a mono-rail, it is fine in the studio but it is light enough and fairly easily setup to use in the field as well. It also has plenty of movements and extension. I currently have an mint, A-1 for sale as I no longer use it. If you are interested, email me offline and I'll give you more info.


Peter Brown

andrea milano
21-Jun-2001, 10:56
I recall something on this very subject published on this site several years ago, however. I my memory serves me right the ALPINA is a f or f-1 with a different rail, (not the usual round one....) a flat rail with a rack and pignon, the A-1 is the american version of the F-1. I have seen and played with an Alpina.

mike rosenlof
21-Jun-2001, 11:15
I've got an A-1. From the descriptions I've heard of the Alpina, it's probably the same thing. From the standards up, it's the same as an F-1, but the rail is different, and therefore the rail accessories are not compatable with the rest of the sinar system.

It's a very decent sturdy monorail 4x5. I have since replaced it with an Arca F-line, but for what the Arca does better, not really for any failing of the Sinar.

I need to sell the A-1 if anybody is interested...