View Full Version : need some help also

3-Feb-2009, 01:19
i have a lens i want to sell i know nothing about its got written (gundlach-manhatten optical. rochester n.y. 5 1/2 in. front.)on the top part. and then (back 5 1/2 in.) on bottom part.all the words are in the brass and there are two pieces of steel or ali screw onto the brass. can any one tell me what it may be too?

Gene McCluney
3-Feb-2009, 07:21
What may be a difficult diagnosis could all be clear if you would post a photo or two.

3-Feb-2009, 17:18
This link may help you find something.


The same source has a later Gundlach catalog also. Gundlach added "Manhattan" to their name in 1902.