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david ashley kerr
2-Feb-2009, 10:50
hello there,

I am an Australian contemporary artist currently residing in Germany, and have recently made the bold and endearing decision to purchase a Linhof Technika from a friend of the Linhof Factory in München.

My concerns now are that the surge of digital labs has reduced the number of traditional professional photographic suppliers, especially in the state of Niedersachsen in which i reside.

does anyone have any experience shooting 4x5 in Germany, and have some practical advice, such as availability of film, ideal color film for shooting urban/rural landscape ie. Velvia for overcast german winter days..?

maybe Herr Gursky could lend some advice on such a subject..

i look forward to a response


Arne Croell
2-Feb-2009, 11:27
Your best option is probably mail order. You can get 4x5 color film including Velvia from the German subsidiary of the US Calumet company (www.calumetphoto.de), they also have several shops in Germany, including in Hamburg. Also from Fotoimpex in Berlin, although they have much more stuff in b/w products than color (www.fotoimpex.de). Phototec (www.phototec.de) carries some Kodak slide film in 4x5. I am sure there are more, and I would assume in Hamburg you should be able to still find development services for E-6.

sanchi heuser
2-Feb-2009, 11:40

a good lab in Hamburg should be:


adrian tyler
2-Feb-2009, 11:51
i'm not sure about gursky though, i believe his latest work was captured digitally.

when you have stuff for output though "the" lab to print at for those big gursky/vitali prints is grieger in dusseldorf!

good luck!, in the archive here you will find all the information you need to learn very quickly and painlessly

2-Feb-2009, 12:07
The major cities don't have ten pro labs and three pro shops any more, but only something like one or two each, and you cannot count on having a pro lab in every smaller city (size of 100,000 or so) any more. But Germany is very densely populated, even more so compared to Australia. You can barely find a spot which is not within less than an hour's drive to some lab.


Ole Tjugen
2-Feb-2009, 12:54
Even if I'm not in Germany, I buy a lot of my film from www.nordfoto.de - they may not be the cheapest, but they deliver. Fast.

david ashley kerr
2-Feb-2009, 12:56
great to see a wide response, thank you,
it seems my 4x5 endeavors in Germany will not be spent in vain.
and yes, gursky is more of a pixel man these days, unfortunately..

for those who print extensively in large format, and use professional lab scanners, what sort of price would one look at for, lets say, a medium res scan of a 4x5 slide transparency?

regards to everyone for their support.


Aender Brepsom
2-Feb-2009, 13:12
This guy has done a number of scans with his Flextight X5 for me. I was absolutely satisfied with the results and will use his services again.
Price for one 4x5 is either 5 EUR (24 BIT) or 7 EUR (48 BIT) at 2040dpi..

See here:

3-Feb-2009, 01:01
I have used Fotolabor Jann Kopp in Hamburg for developing my 4X5's with great success. They have reasonable prices and fast turn-around. I've sent both BW and Velvia in for developement. http://www.jankopp.de

3-Feb-2009, 06:21
Look at this vendor;

16-Feb-2009, 13:41
here is a company I have been using for my last 2 orders, ship fast no problems:


good luck!