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Neil Purling
2-Feb-2009, 01:31
I saw a lens set on ebay. It is the sort of thing that a school science lab might have as demonstrations of the various lens types. Needless to say I bought the lot because the circular lenses will fit into a Polaroid Copal #1.
There are six in the set which include concave, convex, double concave, double convex, plano concave and plano convex.
Maybe there is the prospect of a lot of fun with these lenses & a roll-back on my Graflex.
This sounds like the sort of lot that Mr Galli would have fun with.

Neil Purling
4-Feb-2009, 03:22
Has anyone here tried making pictures with a single convex lens inserted into a shutter?
I imagine that I would need to make a black card f stop to reduce some of the aberrations to a managable level. What of filtration to reduce chroma. Film would be 100 ASA B&W.

Steve Hamley
4-Feb-2009, 07:30
Sure, I tape meniscus close-up lenses to a Compund #3. Just try it "plain". The results from the close-up lens is soft, but still a bit sharper than you might think. No telling about your lenses though, just get a shutter and some tape and give them a try.

Cheers, Steve

4-Feb-2009, 08:06
Yes, an /1 125mm (ish) condenser taped to a copal 1 board-
sharper in the middle, radial blur all round-

Better than I might have expected from a moulded lens...


Neil Purling
4-Feb-2009, 11:24
I am not 100% sure what the meaning plano-convex is. I take it to be one flat face when the other is convex. I think a condenser lensmay be more strongly convex than the convex lenses in this set.