View Full Version : 4x5 & 8x10 ERA Film: What works well?

Daniel Unkefer
1-Feb-2009, 09:20
Hi All,

I have loaded five boxes of 4x5 ERA, and a box of 8x10, into my freezer. I want to start using this emulsion in the spring, but, what has worked well for you, in terms of exposure and development. I know that D76 has been recommended (I mix my own variant) and that seems like a great place to start. Any opinions?

Gene McCluney
1-Feb-2009, 09:56
D-76/ID-11 have always been the standard to which all other developers are compared to. This developer works well with just about everything. I would start with a developing time comparable to the same ISO film from other companies, then adjust to suit your style.