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William D. Lester
21-Jun-2001, 09:37
I was just given a Burke and James Saturn 75 monorail camera. The camera is in l ike new condition. I am told that it is a 5x7 camera, but it has a 4x5 reducing back. It also came with a Schneider Symmar 150/265 convertible lens which is in need of lubrication and adjustment. Since I already own a Technika V, I don't re ally need another 4x5. I am interested in using the camera as a 5x7 and am wonde ring if anyone can tell me how to aquire a new back for it or if it is possible to make one ( as a last resort ). My enlarger is a 4x5 and I felt it might be fu n to experiment with contact printing the 5x7 negs.

Scott Walton
21-Jun-2001, 10:15
You can find them every once in awhile on Ebay but you might have to make one. Go to http://www.smu.edu/~rmonagha/mf/homebrew.html and get some ideas of construction. Emailing some of the people will be pretty beneficial also. There are a number of these sites and also a camera makers forum. Couldn't find the web site but I'm on the forum through email so I'll send you the site as soon as I get one.

Dave Willison
21-Jun-2001, 12:25

As the above post noted, there is a cameramakers web page. I'm not sure if it's still active but they do have an archive of posts. At any rate, here is the link:


You might also take a look at the list of homemade camera web pages I posted several weeks ago:


This should give you a good idea of what's involved in making your own back. If you have any specific questions on making a back, drop me an e-mail. I've built several and I can give you some help on design, sources for parts, wood, etc.

Finally, you could try adapting a back from another manufacturer. I think that would be easier than finding a B&J Saturn. Most used LF equipment retailers carry backs so I would take a look at Midwest, KEH, Stephen Shuart, Pacific Rim, Lens & Repro etc. (Take a look at Adorama.com under used-LF-backs. As recently as yesterday, they listed a generic 5x7 marked down to about $35.)


Scott Walton
21-Jun-2001, 22:13
Bill, Here is the email forum for camera makers: cameramakers@rosebud.opusis.com

James Meckley
23-Jun-2001, 23:56
I also own a Burke & James Saturn 75. Please note that backs from other B&J 5x7s (such as the Rembrandt Portrait cameras, which are plentiful) will fit the Saturn 75 with no modifications.