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more photography
1-Feb-2009, 08:55
To those who use this lens on 5x4, do you ever feel the need to use the centre filter and at what stage of tilt or shift, using Fuji Velvia.

Nathan Potter
1-Feb-2009, 09:32
If your 4X5 image shifts to near the edge of 5X7format, because of movements, then you certainly might consider the CF. But, you know, this is a very subjective issue and depends greatly on your sense of composition and any special effects you are after. Generally I don't like light falloff greater than about a stop at the corner of an image.

Remember the falloff can also be corrected later in the enlarger or in photoshop.

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

1-Feb-2009, 10:20
On 4x5 I've only used mine when using very large shifts or rise/fall. I cannot imagine ever needing it for just tilts/swings. If you use an 8x10 then I suspect you would want it most of the time.

David Whistance

Ron Marshall
1-Feb-2009, 15:38
I never used my CF on the 110 XL, even with large shifts, but I was shooting neg film. With Velvia and a large shift I would probably want a CF, but only for a large shift.

more photography
2-Feb-2009, 03:05
Thanks Guys,

I don't think I would use extreme movements other than normal tilt and shift, having said that this lens has extreme Image circle.

I am thinking of buying SA 90XL, would the above apply to this lens too.

2-Feb-2009, 07:28
If anything I think the fall off is less with the 90XL than it is with the 110 SSXL as a result of the design of the lens, however unless you are intending to use its full movements a 90XL is probably somewhat wasted. You will also need to contend with its size and filter requirements. Why not look for a smaller 90 5.6 or alternatively the 80 SSXL? The latter shares the same filter size and centre filter with the 110 SSXL and 58 XL Super Angulon and is well placed between the two. I found my 110 and 90 to be a little too close together (so have recently sold the latter).

David Whistance