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31-Jan-2009, 13:07
Hi - I need help. Trying to photograph an old family photo. Want to make an inter-neg as close to 1-1 as possible. The image is a 4x5. I have a 65mm, 90mm, and a 210mm all schneider super angs. I shoot toyo - and have a rail and a field. My 210mm gets me close at full extention but not big enough for 1-1. The 90mm gets me really close - haven't tried the 65mm yet. Do the 2 wides work for copy work? Any distortion to worry about? Thanks, ps - i'm broke - so I need to make one of these lenses work!

Nathan Potter
31-Jan-2009, 13:48
It seems criminal but you could try a +1, 2 or 3 supplementary lens on the 210. Short of that I suppose you could rig an extender tube for the lens using something like a tin or cardboard can and black tape - could get you an extra 6 to 10 inches of extension depending on the can size. Paint the inside of the can black and rig a temporary mount for the lens.

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

Bjorn Nilsson
31-Jan-2009, 15:56
The 90mm should be OK. As you are using the center of the Image Circle there is little or no light falloff or distortion. (The IC doubles at 1:1.)
Don't forget that you loose 2 stops of light at 1:1 due to the double extention of the bellows.
While the Super Angulon isn't the first lens which comes to mind when thinking of reproductions, you should get good results. (The Super Angulon is a Biogon clone. Hasselblad used to use an SWC as a repro camera for their inhouse copying needs.)


31-Jan-2009, 18:52
Thanks I'll try the 90 - seems like the best chance. Had a repro claron 3 months ago I sold for a lack of use - go figure. I might do a test with the 65mm too - what should I shoot at - thinking f11.


Bjorn Nilsson
1-Feb-2009, 07:36
Shooting at the middle of the aperture scale is the best with most lenses. ... and dont forget the 2 stops compensation. I.e. if you set the aperture at f/16, set the meter at f/32. (f/11 -> f/22)
To continue, you seem aware of what kind of lenses would be ideal for this, but this is an old print, not something more delicate like a butterfly wing at 4:1. (A SA would be OK there too, but a 50mm apo enlarger lens backwards would perform better as would a dedicated macro lens.) The problem is really that the SA is optimized for best performance at (or close to) infinity.


neil poulsen
1-Feb-2009, 14:46
What are you using for enlarging lenses?

Some Componon-S lenses will fit into standard shutters. (e.g. a 150mm Componon-S lens into a Copal "0" shutter.) Of course, you need to adjust the aperture scale. (e.g. If you're not using a Copal "0" shutter for a 150mm lens.)