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31-Jan-2009, 11:19
Hi Everyone,

I've looked around online and searched the forum already, and I can't seem to find a recent source for shutter parts. I have a copal 0.0 with stripped cable release threads, and the local repair shop wants $54 for parts alone. Seems a little steep for a tiny piece of metal.

Other than just asking around, is there a good source for parts like this? Or should I just settle for a rubber band...


31-Jan-2009, 16:44
Did you speak to Carol Miller at Flutot's Camera Repair? Search here in Resources or GOOGLE knows the way.

1-Feb-2009, 09:33
There is another alternative, go to a machine supply store and find a tap and re tap the hole and it should be fine, I am not saying to make it large only saying retap the same size , or use the plummers teflon tape the white one and put it around the threaded part of the cable and screw it in : these solutions are short money :

1-Feb-2009, 10:02

They may have a non-working shutter to part-out. (Though they might charge more than $54 for the part :) )

1-Feb-2009, 10:25
Zack, Call Jim @MPEX, He once ordered a piece for me.

Bob Salomon
1-Feb-2009, 10:44
The Copal distributor for the USA is RTS. Have you contacted them?

1-Feb-2009, 14:36
Thanks for all the helpful info everyone. Turns out I'm going to need the shutter this friday... so it looks like it'll be either the tape method, or a rubber band for now.

Thanks again,