View Full Version : Epson 3800 Help!

Alan Davis
30-Jan-2009, 06:15
Just recently purchased a used 3800 installed the driver,hooked it up on the network, trying to print from Photoshop CS3, everything seems to go fine until in the Printer Utility "Jobs Stopped" shows up and nothing prints.

I have been using Epson printers since the old 3000, using macs for years and have never had anything like this. I have uninstalled and re installed several times, repaired permissions eetc. Tried everything I know.

Can anyone help?


30-Jan-2009, 08:19
This should not be in the darkroom section

John Hoang
30-Jan-2009, 08:38
Alan, try your question at the dpreview.com, printers and printing forum. Chances are more people having the same problem like yours. I am also using the 3800 but never had that problem. Good luck.

The link:http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/forum.asp?forum=1003