View Full Version : No"T" setting on Super Angulon?

Erik Ryberg
16-Mar-1999, 23:32

I just bought a lens I've wanted for a long time, a SA 65 mm. It is from the la te 60's in a Synchro-Compur. I can't figure out how to open the shutter for foc ussing. There is a B setting but no T setting, and no little lever like on my o ther lenses to keep the shutter open for this purpose. Did there use to be one, and somebody removed it or broke it off? I can see no place where it used to b e. So do I need to hold the release down in "B" then to focus? Not a terrible problem except I can't get a shutter release in my home-made recessed lens board . . ..

Ted Brownlee`
17-Mar-1999, 02:26

The Synchro-Compur shutter has no "T" setting. You have to use a cable release with a lock, and use the "B" setting. I have the same shutter on a SA 90mm lens. It's a pain in the neck. You can either live with it, or have the lens reshuttered. Steve Grimes at http://www.skgrimes.com does this work. Good luck & at least enjoy the lens (if not the shutter)!


Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
19-Mar-1999, 15:17

It hath been many a fortnite since I used my 90 6.8 Angulon, and I have since traded it in so I cannot check for sure, but as I recall, it had a small, tiny even, button on the rim, the edge or side of the shutter, away from the face with the aperture plate and shutter speed setting and so forth. Mine was stepped so you could get a good grip on it and it had a green dot painted on it. This is the shutter hold - open button.

You cock the shutter, slide the button down, i.e. towards the lens board, away from the front element of the lens, and then fire the shutter while holding the button in place. Viola, or Volvo or whatever it is the French say, the shutter is held open. Then to actually expose, you hold the button down, re-cock, and release the button as you cock (I think, I can't remember exactly how I did this part).

Granted, this is awkward, to say the least, to do with a recessed board and a cable release with a time lock on it is easier, but there it is. Again, it has been a bit, and not all Synchro-Compurs are/were created equal, but you may wanna check your shutter for this little gadget