View Full Version : focal plane shutter for Super Graphic?

David Haardt
19-Jun-2001, 12:12
Hello folks,

I own a Super Speed Graphic and just read through the Technika IV instructions. I wonder whether one could adapt the focal-plane-shutter-accessory to the Super or whether there are other such shutter available to use with Graflok cameras. I think Sinar also made such a device.

Best regards,

james mickelson
19-Jun-2001, 23:52
You can find old Graflexs and Graphics on ebay for reasonable prices for parts and Graflex.org is a good source of info. James

Wayne Crider
22-Jun-2001, 11:50
If you are talking about a rear shutter, it seems like alot of hassle just to use barrel lenses. I think that it would be far smarter to just get a Speed Graphic with a good rear shutter to use if you want to go that route. At least it would be cheaper. Adapting a shutter would immeasurably increase the size and weight of your Super camera and then you'd have to have it machined to fit correctly.