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29-Jan-2009, 13:51

I'm attempting to find 16x20 format users who'd be interested in participating in the purchase of the new TMax 400 in this size.

William at Glazer's says he needs paid commitments for 20 boxes. So far, there are 5.

The last time I checked, the price is $525/box of 25.

Anyone else interested, please contact William directly.



Monty McCutchen
29-Jan-2009, 15:45

I shoot 16 x 20 and 20 x 24. I have to admit though that those prices are a bit steep when FP4 can be had for quite a bit cheaper in those sizes. I realize that Tmax 400 has benefits in many ways that FP 4 cannot provide, but I'm just not enough of photographer to enjoy those benefits. That being said if you get close, and I mean real close pm me and I might throw in for a box to help get it done, ya know a little somethin' for the effort. Let me know and I'll keep this in mind.

Carl Spackler, I mean


29-Jan-2009, 16:17
Thanks, Monty.

Hopefully, we'll get to 19 boxes, and then I'll contact you:)