View Full Version : the mother of all Pinkhams

28-Jan-2009, 15:56
or is it the father ?
anyway, here is a quick shot with a Dallmeyer-Bergheim No.2, i'm sure it is of some interest. the shot is nothing special, i just had to try this monster asap :) that's the reason for the polaroid as well. many more to follow on 8x10, i'm in love...


it is very 'pinkhamish', wich is no surprise - as you may know the Dallmeyer-Bergheim is the first soft-focus lens and the one which F.H. Day brought to the US and to Mr. Smith. if you're interested in this kind of lenses i suggest to read this (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showpost.php?p=397825&postcount=6). many thanks to Mr. Russ Young for sharing it with us.


Jim Galli
28-Jan-2009, 16:51
Oh my! I watched and drooled over that Bergheim. It was pretty to boot. Bravo!

Mark Sawyer
28-Jan-2009, 17:16
Yes, there must be a bit of inspiration involved in having such a lens on your front standard. An excellent image! I'm glad it went to someone who not only appreciates its history, but uses it well. I'll add my "Bravo!" to Jim's!