View Full Version : Adox 25 & Diafine - First Negatives Developed

28-Jan-2009, 06:24
Hello to all,

I'm new here and have just developed my first 8X10 shots with the above combination.
I rated Diafine at 125 when shooting but seem to have gotten usable negatives.
On some of my negatives I do have some blue crystals on them and some other issues which I assume is due to not washing long enough. I used tray development as such:
3 mins A
3 mins B
water stop bath at 30-45 seconds
fixer at 4 mins
wash for 1-2 mins in water
then washed again with Permawash mixture another 2-4 mins.

My first negatives had some scratches on them, probably from my misshandling, but the blue crystals I assume are from not rinsing long enough.

Here is the result of one of my first 4 negatives developed.
I scanned the negative then inverted using an editor. No PS work on this image yet.

I didn't use a clock, instead I used a tape recorder and recorded music in the background while giving myself instructions on what to do while in the dark.

You can see my shadow and that of the Kodak 2D on the bank of the water. No big deal to me as these are my first test shots with this monster.

To all beginners like me - just do it. It is an awesome experience to develop your first negative!

28-Jan-2009, 07:09
One can get incredible results with Diafine, but their speed ratings have to be considered only starting points to develop personal EI.

Jim Galli
28-Jan-2009, 08:20
Bravo. You're well on your way. If you fall in the river, there's enough wood in that 2D to float you.