View Full Version : 8x10 transparency film?

Scott Atkinson
19-Jun-2001, 20:15
Can anyone share a reliable source or two for fresh 8x10 transparency film? Is 8x10 generally available, or do you need to load up when you can find it? How easy is it to get Fuji Velvia or RDPIII vs. Kodak 100VS? Thanks!

Michael Kadillak
19-Jun-2001, 20:36
It is not hard at all to find 8x10 transparency film. I go to B&H because of the fact that you can instantly check availability on their web site. Velvia, Provia and certain Kodak films are available on line. Others you may be interested in can be ordered. Get ready for sticker shock as it is quite expensive. One thing I find is that like NASA, I have a pre-exposure routine to make sure that each shot is on the money. I fine tune my exposure technique on 4x5 film of the same product and apply the results to the 8x10.

Good Luck. P.S. The results will blow you away.

james mickelson
19-Jun-2001, 23:50
www.freestylesalesco.com has out of date specials on 8x10 RDPII and Velvia occasionally. Check them out as well. James