View Full Version : Adding Bail to Camera Back

MIke Sherck
27-Jan-2009, 14:56
I have a Zone VI camera (triple extension, "Made by Zone VI Studios" or something like that.) It doesn't have a bail to help open the back and I was thinking that maybe I'd like one. Has anyone ever had one added? Was the cost reasonable?


27-Jan-2009, 15:01
Best to go to the source.

Contact Richard Ritter, 802-365-7807. I suspect he'll have a way to meet your needs.


27-Jan-2009, 15:03
I second sending it to Richard, he's done work on both a meter and a Zone VI back for me and was great to deal with.

27-Jan-2009, 15:13
Richard Ritter put one on my Wisner a couple of years ago for 90.00. Works great but don't expect it done in a day. He's a busy guy.