View Full Version : 8x10 focal plane shutter age

Andy Eads
31-Jul-2001, 17:21
I just purchased a Kodak #2 view camera with an 8x10 graphlex focal plane shutte r. I've never seen one that big before. Does anyone know how old it is? It is ma de of matching wood and is a perfect fit to the camera. The patent dates on the name-plate go up to 1908. Thanks!

Jim Galli
31-Jul-2001, 21:41
Andy, Don't know how old it is, but don't set it off near a seismograph, you might make the news. Just being a smart aleck! Good luck and good light.

dennis Lee
4-Aug-2001, 01:31
Hey Andy, Check with the folks at the Graflex website, they've got lots of answers for these dating questions. Be sure to loosen up your shoulder before firing, I hate to see recoil injuries! Sounds like a blast, have fun. DL

Andy Eads
4-Aug-2001, 20:44
Thanks...but, oh, those puns have got to stop! I've check out the sites but have not found anything definitive. I'll keep looking. The shutter is actually very quiet. It is simply a roll of cloth moving from one roller to another.

Leonard Robertson
5-Aug-2001, 23:05
Andy - I finally found my reprint "Catalogue and Price List 1904 of Photographic Apparatus and Specialties Manufactured by the Folmer & Schwing Manufacturing Co." It lists the focal plane shutters in 4X5, 5X7, 6 1/2 X 8 1/2, and 8X10 sizes. The 8X10 was $40 "When fitted to GRAPHIC cameras" and $42 "When fitted to cameras of other manufacture". If you end up shooting with the shutter, could you please post your impressions on this list? I'm curious about how even the exposures are and fastest practical shutter speed.